Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

studio dog/work in progress

Chapel is doing great, we try and bring her everywhere.  I love the second image, it is like she is showing off her collection.  The last three images are obviously the works in progress.  It is also obvious not much has been done in December.  I am really happy with the body change to Gino in the last image.  It shows his giant head better.
The paintings in the top image are Jens.  She appears with Chapel in the third image.  Alright, enough with the word image.  Later.

street art

Street artist Olek recently gave the Wall Street Bull a new look with this custom crocheted outfit... but she says, “It lasted 2 hours." She posted this photo on her Facebook yesterday, with the message: "Happy Bullish 2011!" By that time the bull had shed its new colorful skin, however—which is a shame because those colors probably would have really popped in this blizzard! [via Animal]

from etsy on facebook

Friday, December 3, 2010

december already?

Unbelievable.  2010 is almost over.  The first snow fall happened two days ago.  I have had a packed couple of weeks so blogging has been minimal.  I will try to post what has been going on, nothing really special, but it will give me material to post about:)  Until then, I am getting ready for Anderson Alleys Holiday Gala which begins tonight.

Anderson Alley Holiday Gala
250 N. Goodman, Rochester, NY

Friday, December 3, 5-9pm
Saturday, December 4, 11am-4pm