Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This is also part of the reason I gave in to a contractor, I would not have a f@*$ing clue how to do this.

opened up the floor to lay in the main drain pipe

vanity sink drain and hot and cold lines

shower pan and hot and cold lines

shower vent inside wall

had to cut old vent/drain pipe to connect new pvc, also run hot and cold lines through wall into basement

spare bedroom wall fell victim to the new drain/vent operation

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More studs

The contractors first day of work.
doorway into new bathroom

decided to raise entire ceiling to 9 feet

closet in bathroom, toilet will be located on the right of angled door

stand up shower, 46 inches wide

48 inch vanity will be located in front of new studs

california dreamin'

Monday, October 29, 2012


The attic is finished. Yes, finally. I remember writing about it a few times. Maybe a few images here and there. I had high hopes of doing it myself. I even wrote that I would finish in a month. Ha! After two years we hired a contractor and they finished in 5 weeks. We love it. I will give a bit of a run down of the project in a few posts, mostly images. The attic was a large open room with shallow ceilings when we moved in. The revamped project now includes a walk in closet, a kind of walk in closet, master bedroom and full bathroom. It is amazing. So here we go.....

Here it is when we first moved in. I thought I had better images than these. If I find them I will post them.

top of stairs looking into room

main area, larger then this image shows

far side of room looking at entrance (stairs), closet at right
The following images are of my work before the contractor.

removed wall to create more depth in the room

removed knee wall/bookshelf to open up space
began placing the studs

going to raise the ceiling in the bathroom to 9 feet

bathroom is coming together

and we have 9 feet
this was as far as I was able to get
I know that was probably confusing. The awful carpet was the first to go also. This project went in spurts for the past two years and that led to the decision to hire a contractor. Be back soon with more.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

a little work


evil Gino
Ollie has been worked on since this image. Evil Gino and I were wrestling and I now have a little black eye. His head is so thick and hard.