Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This is a brand new site(it went live this week), of one of my talented friends Dan Kepler. His designs are very fresh and speak to a large demographic. I truly love his style. Check him out at Antithesis Advertising and at his home site http://www.danielkepler.com/. And yes, he is designing my site which I swear will be up shortly. For Real! Dan also is a skilled painter and is great at drawing, ask him about it.

In other news, I went to the studio today for a bit put things away so I can get started on new work. I pretty much cleaned up. That is about it. Here is a few pics of one o my drawings and some studio images I thought were cool.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Once again, rejected from new american paintings.


Today I brought Gino to the vet to have him neutered. I can pick him up around five so I decided to stay in Brockport for the day. Maybe I would do some work on the computer. I have been looking at art on the internet for that past hour or so and really want to be at the studio now. I have been absent from the studio for about 1 1/2 months now and it kind of sucks. I like to make work, that's what I do. I came across this artist in the recent new american paintings book: Steve Kim. I really like his style and use of paint and I think he has great compositions. This is my favorite. I would have posted more of his work but I don't know all the rules on copy writes and getting permission. Check him out.

I would like to thank Aesthetic Outburst for the mention in her Artistic Endeavors article. I appreciate it tons! Shanna get better so you can actually get in the studio! Rachael also! I will too!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's Official

It's official, President Barack Obama has taken office. What a feeling to be a part of one of the biggest events in United States history. That is all I can really say, very positive and very hopeful.

I played a little football with the "little ball of muscle" Gino today. I had to wear him out so he wouldn't be so hyper at night. I think it worked because he passed out in the car on the way home.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


The Blazer is up and running again. I had it towed to my uncles on Thursday and picked it up on Saturday. He sprayed ether in the carburetor and pounded on my gas tank with a hammer and it started right up. Could be a temporary fix but it was better then spending $330 on a fuel pump if I really don't need one.

Also on Thursday was our first dog training session. We did not have to bring Gino that night because it was the intro to the class. It seemed like Gino was well known by a few people at the class so hopefully Jen and I have made some strides with him so we can impress this Thursday. He is crazy!
Jen and I were also thinking of moving. Rates may dip down as low as 3% in the near future so it may be a good time. We would like to settle in Catan but are not to sure of the area. We are afraid we don't have enough resources to build a home. I like the farm like atmosphere but I think Jen would like a more wooded area for campfires and things of that nature. Maybe we will just stay in the city. Just a thought.

Last but not least, here are some pictures of the repainted and refinished floors at my brothers house. We may change the moulding around the floor to white instead of oak. That is still in debate.
The kitchen:
The living room:
The hallway:
The master bedroom:

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

my car will not start

So my car still won't start today. I realized this last night when I wanted to go to Wegmans and get some slices of pizza. My dad asked me if there was gas in it and I said yes, but now am second guessing that. My gas gauge does not work so I monitor it by how many miles I drive. I forget to think about the remote starting everyday and that may be the problem. I can't get into my shed because there is too much snow in front of it to open the doors to get my gas can either. What the F. Hope everyone else's day started better.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The table across from me is empty

On January 1 my older brother Mike and his family moved out of the country to the island of Grenada. For the past 5 years or so we have worked at my fathers cabinet company full time and this is the first time I have worked there without him across the table from me. It is sort of strange because he dropped to part time and I recently dropped to part time, both our reasons are to do something better with our lives. Well when I went to work last Wednesday I noticed that someone had taken my little blue staple gun on a day I was not there. I took Mikes gun across the table and just started using it. I was a little annoyed that I didn't have my gun so I went to look for it. I found it and brought it back to my table and instead of putting Mikes gun where I found mine, I put it back on his table. The funny thing is, they are not Mikes anymore but I don't want anyone using them or putting them somewhere else just because it is his area. It will be weird if someone gets hired and works across from me because I will be watching them and thinking Mike wouldn't do it like that. It will annoy me. When Mike finishes school, the thing is he won't come back to the cabinet business anyways. I guess I just don't want anyone working across from me or using "his" things.

For the past week on my days off I have been at Mikes old house painting and refinishing the floors because my younger brother Andy is moving in there so they didn't have to sell the house. I will try to post some pics of the revamped rooms when they are finished. Later.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Two Blues Wolves is a short story by Sparrow Hall, well it started as a short story. After a visit to Rochester, Hall reached out to me to create a piece that would reflect my interpretation of the story. As we talked he explained to me there is also a soundtrack that will be created for 2BW also. After a year or so in the making, it is ready to be released in the upcoming months. (I was told about 2-4 months) The soundtrack is unbelievable with its indie vibe. The final track listing is

Missing You Again / Alex Parker
Castaway / Shawn Christensen (of Stellastarr) & Kevin McAdams (of Elefant)
Sons & Daughters/ The Hourly Radio
Bombs (David Crabb 2BW Remix) / Dual
Modern Day Nursery Rhyme / Ana Lola Roman
Stranger in the Strangest Land / Wythe Marschall (of Heavy Jamal) & Sam Tyndall (of The Kiss Off)
Wolfenlied / Galaktlan
The Waiter / A Crowd Electric
Undone / Jessica Caterina
White Light September / Chuck Bianchi & Jerry Preston
Click Your Fingers in the Oval / Slow Ghost
A. Rainer / The Well Enough Folk Band
Almost a Memory / Kago
Missing You Again (David Crabb In the Abyss Remix) / Alex Parker

Listen to some samples at www.myspace.com/twobluewolves (you will find and image of my painting in the pics section) and check out the teaser trailer at http://www.sparrowhall.com/.

The package will be distributed as a digital bundel including soundtrack, artwork and short story. This project is also linked to the Alzheimer’s Association in which a part of the proceeds will be donated.

With that said... check it out and let me know what you think and tell some friends about it. Thanks!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Presenting .............. Gino

Here are a few pictures of Gino the terror dog that I promised 2 days ago. Don't let his good looks fool you, he is trouble.

I brought him out to my brothers house in Brockport where there is about 2 acres of fenced in land to play. I am painting the inside of the house and refinishing the hard wood floors there so I figured while I work Gino could get some exercise.
We went to Ellis Park on Sunday with a few friends so our dogs could play. Gino would like to say hi to Pancake Sue, Cassie, Emma and Ollie. He had a lot of fun.
I would like to thank Marni for the good word to the ASL for us. Thank You! Good Night.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Hi everyone! I have not posted in awhile for no apparent reason. I am going to get back on track for 2009. Resolution: Blog more. I am going to post at least twice a week and if I don't then someone punch me in the face!

Jen and I just adopted a 4 month old puppy named Eugene (Gino for short). He is a yellow lab, cattle dog, and terrior mix. He gets into a lot of trouble but I think he will turn out just fine. I will post some pics of him tomarrow.

Be on the look out for a whole lot more art work also. I plan to get down like James Brown this year. I feel good!

Happy New Year to everyone and enjoy this snow filled winter. Be back tomarrow.