Wednesday, October 26, 2011

new space

It has been about a month in a half since a regular post, if that is what you can call it.  I have been trying to make the most of my time between working, painting, hanging with Jen and random other shit.  The blog has been neglected.  The biggest news I would say is I have moved into a new studio space.  We went from the 4th floor to the first.  I was really hesitant and tried to find a way to keep the space on the 4th floor.  I love that studio.  It was like the pent house of studios in my eyes.  Gigantic windows, natural light, paint covered floors and swearwords on the wall.  My own little corner of the world.  There was no way to keep it though, so I moved with my studio mates.
The new space I believe is a little larger (by space I mean my section) than the old studio spot.  I do not have any windows which is a bummer,  but I am also not storing all my paintings in the work area.  It is also nice not to have to walk up four flights of stairs.  I also believe there will be more traffic coming through because we share the space with Booksmart Studios.  Pistachio Press has also expanded and now has a little boutique in the works with a store front.  (Pistachio Press are my studio mates of 5 years) More on that soon!  Jen Burger also shares the space right next to me.   I will miss the view from the 4th floor though.  A lot of imagery in my work was stolen from outside the window.  Not sure what else to write about it.  It will work.  With that said, here is my first view from the back door parking lot level.  I will probably draw it.

Monday, October 24, 2011

pinata killers

Sleeper Agent.  Get it Daddy.  Lets get this Monday started.  Boom.

New studio.  Painting.  sort of.  Remember the attic remodel?  Yeah.  Dogs.  more more more....   

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

on hiatus

I did not forget about the blog.  I have been busy and not busy and blah blah blah.  I am going to try and be back next week with some good shit.  Later!