Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the show is not even good

So a woman the other day (she will remain nameless, I won't even mention what she does) told Jen "The work in the Our House Gallery is not good.  They are all dogs, there should be more variation."  The woman had no idea Jen is my wife.  Just wanted to share that.

found on Laurina Paperina blog 2009

Monday, May 21, 2012


Hello blog.  Just thought I would post today.  A few updates perhaps.  The show opening went well.  The work seemed to bring smiles and laughter into the gallery.  I received a lot of positive feed back.  If you have not gone to check it out, do so.  It closes this Friday.  I will post the work soon enough.

I know awhile back I promised to show photos of my little (not so little) attic project.  Well I have raised the white flag.  Between two jobs and going to the studio, there was just not enough time in the week.  Contractor begins work real soon.  Jen and I are going to pick items out for the bathroom tonight I think.  I may post what I actually did, but it was not much.

Been thinking about this life as an artist.  I can make art, but I really suck at promoting myself.  It is killing me.  I have had my domain name for about 6 years.  No website.  I don't know why.  No answer.  Sometimes I want to quick both my jobs and use that time to really get things moving.  That is scary though.  All in on being an artist.  Crazy.

That's it.  Now to find a random image to put in this post so it does not completely suck.  Actually a video.  Fun-We Are Young.  I dig it.  See ya soon.