Monday, March 12, 2012

christina perri

I am listening to Regina Spektor radio on pandora and Christina Perri come on.  Jar of Hearts.  Here is the video.  I like the song, her voice.  Not sure about the video.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

conversations with artists

Robert Marx stopped by the studio the other and was asked if I was around.  I was excited because he is a really great painter and I thought he wanted to talk.  It turns out he wanted to see if I was interested in buying his press.  On my way out of hist studio, we walked through his paintings area.  I was quickly glancing around to soak it all in.  At that point, I decided to try and small talk.  Here is how it went.
Robert is about to sit on his stool in front of a painting, I am slowly walking towards the door.

Me:  So how many paintings are you working on?

Robert:  To many.   (sits and looks at painting in front of him)

Me:  Cool.  

This was followed by about 10 seconds of silence.

Me:  Okay, thanks.  (exits studio)

It was still cool and his paintings are amazing.