Monday, February 23, 2009

another crappy day at the studio

I went to the studio for a good part of the day and would have been better off staying home. I am not sure what is going on but I just can't get anything done. I do a lot of staring and walking around and rearranging, that's about all. I am not inspired at all. Anything I put on canvas or paper has just been horrible lately. I have gotten bored with my work and don't know how to fix that. I feel there should be more to the work. I don't think I am connected to my art. I just make it and that is that. I am missing the bond I think, which makes me feel uninspired. I think what I love, art, is what also makes me the most miserable. I will leave you with a great piece of art by one of my favs, Jenny Saville.

Friday, February 20, 2009

11:15 pm

Just got home from work. Early night equals not much money. About to sit down and watch a movie with Jen. Good night!

3:20 pm

I am about to go to my second job as I mentioned before. Vest, check. Bow tie, check. Lets make some money tonight. Still can't find my chapstick. Isn't winter over yet? Be back in the a.m.

12:24 pm

Lunch break. The Atlantic cod was alright. I will be out of here at 2 o'clock and off to my bar tending duties at 4 o'clock. What a day!

9:30 am

9:30 is first break. Finishing up the energy drink and eating a cup of noodles. I left the glue running this morning and it went everywhere. It's on my boots. I am thinking about going to Wendy's for lunch today. Atlantic Cod. Lips are chapped and bleeding. I cannot find my chap stick.

7:16 am

I am about to begin working. I have the usual energy drink and frozen pizza for breakfast. Exciting.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Have not posted in almost 2 weeks. In a rut. Can't stop drawing Curious George.

Monday, February 9, 2009

the studio is not nice to me

I went to the studio today and felt that I should have just stayed home. I hate when I feel like this. I can't get warmed up, in the flow of making work. You know what I mean? I promised all this art in 2009 and have yet to make anything! I know it is in me but it is just taking awhile to surface, longer than expected.

I got this energy beneath my feet like something undergrounds gonna come up and carry me.
The Killers Sam's town intro.

I repeat that line to myself everyday, I think it is inspiring.

No images today because I am boring and there has been plenty of sun to look at. Have a good night!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

this is why i appreciate painting

Alex Kanevsky is one of my favorite painters. His use of paint is bold, and his palette is rich. I would love to have one of his paintings. This is how I wish I could paint, so deliberate and messy, but controlled at the same time. He is a painters painter. He also produces a large quantity of work which is nice to see. Here are a few of my favs.

Monday, February 2, 2009


I tried to work in the studio today and just could not produce anything. I had to convince myself not to paint over 2 paintings that just sit on a shelf in the studio. I sometimes wonder if making art is even worth it. Here are the 2 paintings that were about to be painted over.

This is what I actually got done today. The first is a detail and the second is Gino. This was all I could do in about 4 hours.

Here is an empty wall in a studio mates area. I am going to use it if work does not appear soon. Just breaking them!
On a different note, this is the rug Jen and I bought earlier last week before we knew she needed a new ignition put in her car and before I needed a new fuel pump. YAY!! I posted 2 different views.

The website will be up shortly. Just working on some last minute details. I will also be adding 5 prints to my etsy shop, in the next few days. Also check out Pistachio Press new website! Looks great!