Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I finished the painting I have been working on 2 nights ago. I was extremely frustrated with it and followed some good advice to just leave the studio and come back to it another time. I went home and ate dinner with Jen and she volunteered to take a look at the painting after dinner. We went to the studio around 9 ("another time" to me meant about 45mins). She said the area of problem was better but she was still not convinced. In a split second I realized instead of reworking with a new image over the area, bring out what was already there. I painted a white m and t, that was all it needed. I delivered my work today and feel relieved to have it done. The SUNY Brockport alumni show opens on the 21st from 4 to 6pm. The exhibition runs through Dec. 7. I was seriously obsessed with this painting. I may have to hang it this weekend. My brother went to Granada today to look at school and find apartment. I will pick him up Sunday at the airport. That's all folks.

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