Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jen and I did some holiday decorating on Sunday. We set the tree up on a stand made of totes in front of the living room window. It is 4 feet tall and fake and has lights attached to the branches. It is in front of the window because I was too late on hanging lights up outside and then it got cold and then snowed and then I couldn't find something and then .............. Anyways yes I ruined Christmas. We did hang lights in the kitchen and dinning room though. Does that count for anything?

Yes, we do know how to break it down grandma style!

Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend to check out the Anderson Alley Holiday Gala. We had a great time hanging out and enjoying every ones company.

A little bit of sad news: Monday night marked the last night of one of my favorite TV shows Boston Legal. Denny Crane!

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