Monday, February 2, 2009


I tried to work in the studio today and just could not produce anything. I had to convince myself not to paint over 2 paintings that just sit on a shelf in the studio. I sometimes wonder if making art is even worth it. Here are the 2 paintings that were about to be painted over.

This is what I actually got done today. The first is a detail and the second is Gino. This was all I could do in about 4 hours.

Here is an empty wall in a studio mates area. I am going to use it if work does not appear soon. Just breaking them!
On a different note, this is the rug Jen and I bought earlier last week before we knew she needed a new ignition put in her car and before I needed a new fuel pump. YAY!! I posted 2 different views.

The website will be up shortly. Just working on some last minute details. I will also be adding 5 prints to my etsy shop, in the next few days. Also check out Pistachio Press new website! Looks great!


shanna murray said...

wow. do i ever love that second painting from the top. leave it, i'll buy it as is. in your case, making work is so worth it. i know for a fact there would be a handful of less inspired people roaming the planet if you stopped. consider it your cross to bear. also, your rug is genius, i am jealous.

step off about my space, brotha. i'll get in there soon! i was actually going to come today but then had to do a rush order for something and couldn't make it in. and hey, "just breaking them?" what? you're going to break my hangers?

sorry to hear about yours and Jen's cars. that sucks. maybe it's time for a press kit?

and you forgot to mention that Rachael is a rock star today on daily candy. woo hoo!

we should all have a studio pizza night again really soon, we need to all be getting back in the habit of being there! thanks for holding the torch for us during these cold and lonely months! when can you and Jen hang out?

Jim said...

I meant i was just breaking your balls. you know a ball breaker. studio night sounds like a great idea, Rachael mentioned that a few days ago. Jen usually works late, I think weds would be good for her but I am not sure. I'm down anytime, i like pizza. because you said so, i will keep making work. thanks

Rachael, Pistachio Press said...

Do NOT paint over those paintings!