Tuesday, June 16, 2009

this is really annoying

A male black bear died today in Rochester after is was tranquilized high up in a 40 foot tree. The bear fell out of the tree while a bunch of idiots thought they could catch it in a net. I mean, did these professionals really think they were strong enough to catch a bear after a 20 to 40 foot drop?? On top of that, they need a week to figure out what killed the bear!!?? This really angered me today and I think the situation could have been handled differently, maybe in a way in which a bear was not tranquilized and left to plunge to the ground from a 40 foot tree. In the words of Seth Myers, Really? Really!? If anyone cares to see the video, here is the link and the video is in the right corner. This just disgusts me.
image from wham 13

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joAnn said...

The mere notion of this is disturbing and i hate to admit that I can't watch the video. I simply know it will be too upsetting for me! Thanks for bringing it to everyone's attention, though. This is the first i am hearing about it.

and the blog header is looking pretty cool.