Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ahhh yes.....

I do not have any images because my camera is officially broke. I can not take pictures with it. That blows. I also received a jury summons in the mail. That blows too. When I hop on facebook, I can't stop taking all the little pointless quizzes. It's pretty ridiculous. I just realized that every time I eat a pot pie, I eat it the exact same way. Yup, a lot going on over here. Today on the radio I heard the Freys rendition of Kanye Wests "Heartless" and I thought it was great. Some people can really mess a song up, but not this time.

So I have been debating on buying a really good printer for the studio in hopes that it would allow me to stay there longer, so I can feel like I get things done. Any suggetions? Is anyone out there?? Hellllloooooo!? Well, I guess that is it.

Will someone teach me how to write a blog!? ha

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