Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fahamu Pecou

I came across this painter in the recent issue of New American Paintings. I can't stop searching for his work on the Internet! It is in your face, there is a swagger about these pieces that takes me back to my rap/hip hop listening days, you know, before any and everybody started rapping! To check out more go to The reason I chose to write about Pecou (besides that I think he is a great painter) is because I believe there to be a familiar style in his work (a lot of his work) reminiscent to Jean Michel Basquiat (another favorite of mine). The scribbling of words, crossing out of phrases, and the painted space. I do think it is a great homage to Basquiat, but is it to much to include in all the paintings? I am not sure. I only bring it up because I used to "borrow" from an old professors work and some talk began. What does anyone think?

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[.L.] said...

In 2009, I, personally, don't believe in originals. I believe that everything is influenced by absolutely everything else.

While I don't know anything about the work you made under the "influence" of a professor, but my feeling is that perhaps you were a student learning form a trusted source.

When it comes to art making I think you should follow your guts, and in your case your brush. Start making the work that you want to make, I think that your voice will come through.

When I was a grad student- I frequently became, stuck, unable to work I had a professor that told me to start copying the work of someone I admired. I thought it was cheating- but what I realized is that it just got me working again.

So, put the brush on the canvas and copy to your hearts delight- eventually something utterly you will come out.

I hope this helps!

And I still have a drawing with your name on it... :)