Monday, December 21, 2009

computer officially crashed

My computer officially crashed at the beginning of last week.  It seems like when you start to get ahead a higher power busts out with a big "syke" and you are back where you started.  I guess I can't really complain about it,  the computer is about 6 years old and I am surprised that it lasted that long.
Anyways, I wanted to thank Abbey at Aesthetic Outburst for a post about my calendar.  It is nice when people like your work enough to write about it.  Thanks again!
Busy week coming up, my bro and his family fly in on the 26th from Granada.  This is their first time home in a year, so it should be pretty fun for everyone.  Also my friends Mikey and Casey will be up from Florida.
I am  freezing my ass off in the studio right now typing this.  It is 53 in here.  But at least we have internet in here now!   Yes another boring post, no pics or anything .  Maybe next time.   Have a great holiday if I am not on here before then!

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