Thursday, December 10, 2009

holy snow day batman!!!!!

Todays post is of no importance, just to write.  It is snowing like crazy, but that was expected.  It has been a busy couple of weeks.  Second Storie, Anderson Alley Holiday Gala, invisible fencing, grandma breaks a hip, working this weekend and finally cookie making dog party. 

Second Storie was SPECTACULAR!!!  The first time I have used that word.  The ladies did an awesome job this year.  Everything was great.  My favorite part was the banners that were stretched from wall to wall, they were such a great detail.  I also found out some people actually read this.  I promise it will get better.

Anderson Alley moved along a bit slow this year but I met a heap of great people.  The studio looked like a little shop with all 5 of us displaying our work.

I know it is lame,  I should really get a camera and just post some picks.  Really it will get better.  Dogs got to pee, later!

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shanna murray said...

see you and jen tomorrow! nobody took any pics of the space in general last weekend...i should have. :(