Thursday, January 28, 2010


I was driving home from work today and the sky was such an awesome shade of grey.  The sky is usually grey in Rochester, but it had a certain glow around 4:52 pm.  I was on Goodman, the snow was falling and everything was white.  I was watching the houses and buildings along the road as I approached Monroe.  Crows were flying in circles above the street, black silhouettes, landing on the tips and peaks of the dated homes.  Some of the details remind me of castles,  cylinder shapes with pointed tops,  the iron rails outlining the rooftops and the balconies all against this grey lit sky.   A grey lit sky.  I guess it just seemed old and quiet and vibrant at the same time. 

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joAnn said...

One of the few things I absolutely love about winter is the way the light just looks different. It is so hard to explain, but you hit it right on the head.