Thursday, January 7, 2010

two zero one zero

I have been thinking lately about what my first post of the year would be about.  What should I write.  Here we are, 7 days into the new year.  All I could think about is listing what my plans are going to be for 2010.  To my disappointment,  I don't have any.  I could say to make a bunch of paintings, a shitload of drawings, promote myself more on etsy, get that website up, finish up the house and the list goes on.  I should be doing that no matter what.  I don't need to make a list.  I am a shit talker, I talk a lot of shit and I am done with that.  I waste my time talking shit and really, it's hard to say, I don't do shit.  So this year, it is time to go get that Twinkie, it is time to nut up or shut up

I actually started reading a book this year.  I only mention this because I never read.  It is a book about dogs called Inside of a Dog by Alexandra Horowitz.  I am halfway through which is quite a  feat for me.  So that is how I have started my new year. 

I could write more but I don't want to ramble to much and complain.  With that said, hope everyone has a great start to 2010!


joAnn said...

zombieland was awesome.
and resolutions are overrated.
just have fun. that's mine. more or less...

shanna murray said...

happy new year Jim!!