Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thank you!

Fresh from the west coast the blog is back, that is until thurs when I go camping for a few days.  Maybe I should learn how to create posts that auto post at specific times.  Anyways,  the Thank You! in the title is for a great family in San Francisco that took Jen, Rachael, Jake and I in for a few days while we were out that way.  THANK YOU!  We had a great time!

Now down to business.  Flywheel Press is the shit.  Period.  Amber     ( yes, that is who we stayed with) was so kind to let us into her studio and check it out.  Her Heidelberg skills were very impressive.  The only time I ever saw one in use was in the movie 7 Pounds, which I annoyingly brought up.  Really, don't bring it up. On a serious note, Flywheel Press has everything. Wedding invites, greetings, stationary, announcements and a handful of other goodies.  Get creative, there is even custom printing!  Check the shop out.

Here are a few of my favorites, in no particular order.

 Now go see more!

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