Thursday, November 8, 2012

drywall, tape and primer

This lasted almost two weeks. There are many angles that had to be cut just right and then filled in due to the old work and nature of a settled 60 year old home. Tape, mud and sand. And when they were done, mud and sand a few more times. The walls look great and we wanted to move up there right away.

Jen's closet (bigger than it looks) has 9' high wall on the left




my walk-in closet on the right (doors will be painted)


Leeanne Dyson said...

I think it’s impressive, even if I didn’t get to see how it originally looked. Nice! Have you used a heater to help dry the mud quicker? We know that it takes quite a while before the compound is ready for sanding. And it really helps. My husband just realized it after a few attempts at installing our drywall. ;)

-->Leeanne Dyson

Jim said...

I believe two large fans were used to circulate the air. They were able to sand 2 days later. I will definitely try to find my old images of the space because this is really a great transformation from what it was. Good luck with your project!

Jim said...

Here are a few of the old space