Thursday, November 1, 2012

electric and insulation

This rounded out the end of week two. Two can lights, 4 eyeball lights, an exhaust fan/light, electric heat, and numerous outlets and switches. I could not believe the amount of wire running through the walls and ceiling. Reason number 2 for throwing in the towel.

recessed can lights

movable eyeball lights over bed

to many wires for me to deal with

eyeball lights over vanity and exhaust fan/light combo


forced air for heat and a/c

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Staci said...

I see you’re working on your attic. Yes, it’s insane how many wires are concealed within the walls of our home! On another note, when working on attic ventilation, I would advise you to work on ways to deal with the moisture first; after that, you can deal with regulating the heat. Good luck!

Staci ^.^