Sunday, January 18, 2009


The Blazer is up and running again. I had it towed to my uncles on Thursday and picked it up on Saturday. He sprayed ether in the carburetor and pounded on my gas tank with a hammer and it started right up. Could be a temporary fix but it was better then spending $330 on a fuel pump if I really don't need one.

Also on Thursday was our first dog training session. We did not have to bring Gino that night because it was the intro to the class. It seemed like Gino was well known by a few people at the class so hopefully Jen and I have made some strides with him so we can impress this Thursday. He is crazy!
Jen and I were also thinking of moving. Rates may dip down as low as 3% in the near future so it may be a good time. We would like to settle in Catan but are not to sure of the area. We are afraid we don't have enough resources to build a home. I like the farm like atmosphere but I think Jen would like a more wooded area for campfires and things of that nature. Maybe we will just stay in the city. Just a thought.

Last but not least, here are some pictures of the repainted and refinished floors at my brothers house. We may change the moulding around the floor to white instead of oak. That is still in debate.
The kitchen:
The living room:
The hallway:
The master bedroom:

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Rachael, Pistachio Press said...

Ha - I love Catan, but I think it would turn you into a resource monger. But fr 3% you might jut have to think about it :)