Thursday, January 8, 2009


Two Blues Wolves is a short story by Sparrow Hall, well it started as a short story. After a visit to Rochester, Hall reached out to me to create a piece that would reflect my interpretation of the story. As we talked he explained to me there is also a soundtrack that will be created for 2BW also. After a year or so in the making, it is ready to be released in the upcoming months. (I was told about 2-4 months) The soundtrack is unbelievable with its indie vibe. The final track listing is

Missing You Again / Alex Parker
Castaway / Shawn Christensen (of Stellastarr) & Kevin McAdams (of Elefant)
Sons & Daughters/ The Hourly Radio
Bombs (David Crabb 2BW Remix) / Dual
Modern Day Nursery Rhyme / Ana Lola Roman
Stranger in the Strangest Land / Wythe Marschall (of Heavy Jamal) & Sam Tyndall (of The Kiss Off)
Wolfenlied / Galaktlan
The Waiter / A Crowd Electric
Undone / Jessica Caterina
White Light September / Chuck Bianchi & Jerry Preston
Click Your Fingers in the Oval / Slow Ghost
A. Rainer / The Well Enough Folk Band
Almost a Memory / Kago
Missing You Again (David Crabb In the Abyss Remix) / Alex Parker

Listen to some samples at (you will find and image of my painting in the pics section) and check out the teaser trailer at

The package will be distributed as a digital bundel including soundtrack, artwork and short story. This project is also linked to the Alzheimer’s Association in which a part of the proceeds will be donated.

With that said... check it out and let me know what you think and tell some friends about it. Thanks!

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