Thursday, April 29, 2010

attic remodel

So I have began the remodel of our attic.  I have been ripping carpet out when I get home from work and am almost finished.  I actually like the dirty plywood under the carpet better then the carpet itself.  After seeing the wood,  I would like to put wood flooring down.  I did some image searching on the net and found a picture of the floor I would like.  Then I saw this ceiling in another image and want to do this.  What began as a simple remodel may turn into a big project, if that is ok with Jen.  Now I want it to look very spacious and loft like and add a bathroom.  So far others opinions have been to not get crazy because of resale and getting your money back when you sell.  I guess, but I also want it to be a space that is welcoming and useful.  I will try and post before and after pics  if we get crazy with it.

Here are the images I like:

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Sparrow said...

Get crazy. Your resale will most likely go up based on additional living space and number of bathrooms. Plus it's more sellable if you have an amazing space like this to add to the mix. People can repurpose it however they like. The main thing is that you'll love the space and it'll speak to who you are and what you want from your home. I say go for it.