Monday, April 12, 2010


I just talked to the U of R students.  umm uhhh ummm uhhhh yeah ahhhh, not sure.  I know how to speak, but that is pretty much what came out of my mouth.  I don't know if I will ever get over talking about my work in front of people.  I had back sweat like nobodies business.

Here is the recent development in what I now call the LaDue Project.

On Saturday, I let a woman take a painting that she really liked so she could hang it up and see how it looked in her home.  She gave me a deposit and left with the painting, she would get back to me today if she wanted it.  Sounds to me like a done deal.  I am sitting in my studio and she appeared in the doorway, I looked down and she had the painting with her.  She said it didn't work, it was to bright for the room, it looked way better in the studio.  Who does that?  Is this weird to anyone else?  Lesson learned, next time, if you like the piece you buy it.  Go to a department store if you want something to match your walls! 

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[.L.] said...

Wow, thats majorly fucked up. Who does things like that? You love a painting or you don't - you don't buy these things to match your couch!!!

Grr.... screw her.