Monday, April 19, 2010

change it back

Well the LaDue Project went downhill fast on Friday.   I thought that I would get creative and change the royal blue panel to a gray/blue instead.  The unanimous decision in the studio (6 judges plus myself): bad idea.  Some liked the color and some hated it, but it was agreed that it didn't belong to this project.  I will paint over it today.  I was thinking that maybe today when I came to the studio I would like it and things would be great, but no that didn't happen.

I began a new painting which I will call Shark for the moment.  Yes, because the outline is that of a shark.  I know, clever.

Perros Bravos is at a stand still.  I have not changed it since the last post.  See below if interested.

Campione del Mundo  has been silent for awhile too.  I think I know how to finish it.  The red butterfly that I think is a problem will be painted more realistic in comparison to the bull, to bring it more into the foreground. 

Hooray! Piles of drawings!

Be back in a bit with some changes...............

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